We brew our beers with passion, we use the best ingredients of the highest quality: like Dutch barley malt and wheat, English, North-American and German hops, North-American and English yeasts.

We brew classic styles following the traditional descriptions. But we also create and collaborate to offer you new alternatives, combinations and experiences. Our beers do not have conservatives or added sugars.

Thank you for enjoying them as much as we do. It is our hobby, our passion, and our life. Pleasing the palate is to raise our own spirit.

Our Beers


American Blonde Ale

Clear beer with crisp and light-bodied. Fruity aroma with a matly balanced flavor. Mild bitterness in harmony with the malt. Beer that is easy to drink throughout all year long to quench your thirst.

Temperature for consumption: 6 – 8 °C
IBUS: 15
Alc Vol. 4%
SRM: 5

Suggested pairing:
Green salad, Italian food, spicy shell fish, oysters, lime pie.


American Pale Ale

Light-bodied beer with flower aroma and citric and fruity notes. Medium bitterness with balanced character with the caramel malt of this style of beer.

Temperature for consumption: 7 – 10 °C
IBUS: 26
Alc Vol. 4.5%
SRM: 8

Suggested pairing:
Salad with pear and honey, grilled or roasted meat and shellfish, pizza, fruit pie.


Indian Pale Ale

Ambar beer with copper tones, intense fruity and citric aroma, sweet malt in the palate with perfect synchrony with the bitterness of this style, which is intermediate. Medium-light bodied with plenty of creamy clear foam.

Temperature for consumption: 7 – 9 °C
IBUS: 36
Alc Vol. 6.5%
SRM: 16

Suggested pairing:
Spanish salad, fish cutlet with French fries, Mexican food, carrot cake and caramel ice cream.


Irish Red Ale

Red-copper clear beer, malty flavor with caramel notes and toasted aftertaste. Sweet aroma and light bodied, which makes it easy to drink with plenty of creamy clear foam. Mild bitterness and friendly to the palate balances the malt on the palate.

Temperature for consumption: 8 – 10 °C
IBUS: 20
Alc Vol. 4%
SRM: 14

Suggested pairing:
Salad with almonds and pecans, roasted pork, cheeseburger, crème brûle.


Irish Red and Mezcal

Red-cooper clear beer, malty and mezcal (distilled alcoholic beverage from agave) flavor with caramel notes and toasted aftertaste. This beer is aged in oak barrel used to rest mezcal, here the beer take the best aroma and flavor form this sacred and ancient spirit.

Temperature for consumption: 8 – 10 °C
IBUS: 20
Alc Vol. 5.2%
SRM: 14


American Brown Ale

Dark beer, flavor sided to toasted caramel. Sweet aroma mild-bodied and plenty of creamy clear foam. Mild-bitterness y friendly to the palate that makes a perfect balance with the character of the malta.

Temperature for consumption: 8 – 10 °C
IBUS: 22
Alc Vol. 4%
SRM: 22

Suggested pairing:
Baked potato, roast beef sandwich, grilled pork or beef, gouda cheese, pecan pie.


Robust Porter

Dark beer with red tones, malty flavor with caramel undertones and notes of coffee and chocolate, which are also present in the aroma. Mild-bodied and mild-bitterness in ideal balance for dark malts.

Temperatura optima de consumo: 10 – 12 °C
IBUS: 24
Alc Vol. 5%
SRM: 35

Suggested pairing:
BBQ Ribs, smoked brisket, blue cheese, brownies and vanilla ice cream.

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